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Precision and Excellence

We are obsessively passionate about everything we do. Every step, movement, and process is deliberate. The result? Excellence executed with precision.

Excellence in the Air
At High Voltage Aviation, it’s our goal to power the world through our clients and communities. We do this by providing top-of-the-line aviation and energy services, all while prioritizing the environment.

A Precise Approach
We focus on precision and excellence in all of our work. Each team member follows safety protocols at all times, and we go above and beyond when it comes to training our team. Every project should be completed to perfection. If it’s not perfect, we’re not done.

An individual works in air from the base of a helicopter.

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Every service we provide is designed to put safety first and ensure a low environmental impact.

Because of our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we guarantee our projects will have unmatchable quality and efficiency.

Safe, Efficient, Reliable

High Voltage Aviation

Breaking the Mold

HVA was started because clients deserve safe, fast, reliable air-borne utility services. The HVA team has honed our skills to focus on the areas that really matter to our customers, like:

About Us

At HVA, we understand that knowledge is important, but learning is priority.

Our track record of innovation and establishing industry benchmarks makes HVA a leading aviation solutions provider with unparalleled grid awareness. With a firm backing from Ryker Holdings and dedication to re-imagining our industry, we’re one of the best in the business.