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Energized Services

Our leadership team has always believed in finding new, better ways to accomplish our work.

We create quick, safe, productive, cost-effective processes for energized repair methods that have changed our industry on a global level.

Our experienced crew is capable of tackling all of these tasks and more, while prioritizing your needs and communicating with our clients regularly.

Energized Maintenance Solutions

Energized upkeep is no small matter. It requires:

Aerial Maintenance Benefits

Ground crews are often capable of performing much of the work we complete. However, our processes to address projects like these often result in significant cost savings for our clients. Aerial electric maintenance offers solutions to four operational problem categories:

1. Highly repetitive, short duration tasks

Aerial work doesn’t require the team to continually position and then reposition based on the project’s needs. Instead, the team can move between problem areas much more smoothly than those operating ground vehicles.

2. Tasks with restricted accessibility

Terrain, road conditions, and elevation can all make it difficult for ground crews to reach work locations. Our team can simply fly over these barriers and provide quick and effective service.

3. Projects with minimal or no outage time

Aerial teams can work on live wires while minimizing the chance of injury or damage.

4. High-capacity projects

Sometimes, it’s hard to get everything done in a set amount of time. Aerial teams are swift and productive, which means more can get done in less time.

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