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About Us

About Us

High Voltage Aviation

High Voltage Aviation exists because we believe clients deserve safe, fast, reliable air-borne utility services. 

Our vision is to reimagine aviation solutions through constant innovation. We don’t stop at being the best. We redefine what being the best means in the first place.

That’s why we joined the Ryker team in 2022. Together, our organizations bring decades of knowledge and the experience of leaders from the aviation and powerline industries.

Two individuals work on electrical wires above a residential farm.

Meet the Team

Brian D. Parker - President

HVA is led by Brian D Parker, a seasoned aviation professional with flight experience beginning with the US Army as an Aero Scout Pilot in 1982. Brian has over 9000 flight hours with 40 years aviation experience and 33 years involved in the helicopter assisted powerline support sector. Brian pioneered many of the flight operations in the industry that are now common practice globally. He previously was the President and CEO of the largest helicopter operator performing this type of operation in the United States. Mr. Parker holds ratings as a FAA commercial helicopter pilot with instrument authorization and a Transport Canada commercial pilot license (CPL). Mr. Parker also brings extensive business development and leadership skills to HVA Inc.

Richard DeMoss - Vice President

Starting as a groundman and working his way up in the field of linework, Richard DeMoss has been instrumental in developing safety protocols and new product lines. Prior to joining HVA, Richard served in a variety of leadership roles for general contractors in the electric industry for over 16 years. In 2004, Richard achieved journeyman lineman along with barehand and hot stick certification. His commitment and dedication to his work has proven to be safe, efficient, and productive in relation to the utility industry.

Jim Scott – Director of Aviation Safety

Jim Scott served as a Naval Aviator flying helicopters in the United States Marine Corps where he became Director of Safety and Standardization for his Squadron. Jim has accumulated over 2,200 accident-free flight hours as a CH-46E Sea Knight Pilot as well. Mr. Scott also served as a Trooper with the Virginia State Police. Jim has worked in numerous corporate safety positions from pipelines to high-voltage transmission powerline and substation construction projects. Jim has extensive experience in helicopter operations, accident prevention, and incident investigations. Mr. Scott’s background and diversity has led him to become HVA’s Director of Safety.

Kley Lucas - Chief Pilot

HVA’s flight department is led by Kley Lucas. Kley is the Chief Pilot with 22 years’ experience and over 10,000 flight hours in the Utility/Powerline helicopter industry. His career in aviation started as a Warrant Officer and maintenance test pilot in the U.S. Army over 33 years ago, during which he spent time in Germany, Iraq, and Turkey. He comes to HVA with prior leadership experience as the Director of Flight Operations, Vice President of Operation, and President/CEO of a large utility helicopter company.

Let’s Get to Work

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